Creamy Matcha Latte

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I hadn’t made a matcha latte in months and I was seriously craving one, so I picked up some organic matcha tea and whipped one up this morning! These lattes look a bit high maintenance to make, but I promise you, they are simple, creamy, and loaded with antioxidants. And since I’ve had a few clients recently share that they are trying to kick a caffeine addiction, I thought this was a perfect time to roll this out.

In fact, matcha tea has about 1,000 more antioxidants per serving than just regular green tea! Btw, antioxidants are 100% your friend in helping clear up unwanted free radicals from your system, so the more the merrier!

Adapted from Japanese culture, matcha was traditionally prepared by sifting the green tea into a bowl and then using a bamboo whisk to incorporate the powder into hot, but not quite boiling water. And there were different ways to prepare it depending on everyday use or for use in ceremonies and special occasions. So cool. I could totally go down a rabbit hole learning about the history of it!

Here’s how I did it:
▪️1 tsp. matcha powder
▪️1 tsp. maple syrup
▪️1 tbsp. boiling water
▪️1 cup hot almond milk

In the bottom of a mug, place the matcha and maple syrup then whisk in the boiling water to dissolve the mixture.

Heat the almond milk up on the stove and then blend on high in your blender.

Pour almond milk over top of the tea mixture.

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