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You’re More Than Just a TSH Number

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Are you suffering from classic thyroid symptoms, but being told your thyroid is “normal” and “working just fine”?

The TSH and Free T4 markers alone do not provide enough information to determine whether your thyroid IS or IS NOT working. Read that sentence again. It’s not enough information. It gives little understanding of the conversions that are taking place in your body and prevents your practitioner from identifying your individual thyroid pattern, but unfortunately, these are the two markers that are tested (if any).

I’ve seen many lab reports where the TSH is optimal and the other thyroid markers being super low or super high therefore thyroid symptoms prevail rendering loads of confusion and frustration for the individual. Why? Because in a traditional setting, if the TSH is normal, the thyroid is A-Ok and no further investigation is had.

Educate yourself and then get the right tests:
Total T4
Free T4
Total T3
Free T3
Reverse T3
TPO and TgAb Antibodies

*If you believe you have hyperthyroidism, you may also want to include the TSI antibody test to rule out Graves’ disease.

Advocate for yourself and don’t let anyone treat you like you’re just a TSH number. In Thyroid Impact we spend an entire module learning about labs and how to best interpret your results for optimal health as well as how to talk to your practitioner to get the things you need.

Oftentimes, I find that many women just need a kickstart and guidance to get started in a natural and restorative practice. You can check out Thyroid Alive Kickstarter , a 14-day program with nourishing meal plans and thyroid best practices so you can start to turn your symptoms around.


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