What if I told you that there is a lifestyle designed specifically for you that would make you feel your absolute best?  Would you want to hear more?

I thought so.

I’m talking about loads of energy, mental clarity, healthy hormones, weight loss, healthy gut…whatever you want!  The options are endless.  Are you ready for this change?  

You might be if this sounds like you…

“I feel frustrated because I’ll lose weight, plateau, and then gain it back again.   I’ve done all the diets out there and nothing works!”


“I’m frustrated because I have no energy to do what I want to do with my life.  I even feel exhausted when I get out of bed in the morning.”

maybe this is you…

“My thyroid results came back “normal” but I still feel weighed down by my symptoms.  It’s hard to get through my day feeling balanced and content.  I can’t help but think there really IS something going on with my thyroid even though I wasn’t diagnosed with anything.”

maybe you’re like I used to be…

“I’m having a hard time controlling my autoimmune disease on my own.  I’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and I have no idea what I should do from here.  My doctor didn’t give me much guidance for how I should handle things and there’s so much information online, I don’t know where to start.”

I know it’s not easy…

“My stomach is always upset.  I always feel bloated, uncomfortable and insecure.  I experience embarrassing digestive issues, but some of this is normal, right?”

Sadly, no, it’s not normal, even though it has become the norm.  

I’m Stephanie Wharton and I educate women dealing with autoimmune concerns (specifically thyroid disease!), weight loss and digestive issues on how to build a holistic sustainable lifestyle that energizes, fuels results and makes you feel amazing again.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I work with individuals and groups of women who want to:

  • develop a lifestyle that is going to make them feel their best now and in the future.

  • lose weight using whole foods without the restriction of counting calories.

  • implement evidence based strategies that support and reverse chronic digestive issues.

  • get the energy back they’ve been missing for years.

  • implement thyroid nourishing protocols that will make them feel healthy, energized and in control of their issue.

I believe that using a holistic sustainable approach will not only give you the results you’re looking for, but you’ll feel confident, motivated and ready to take over the world (or at least your day!).  And isn’t that what we all want?

I want to encourage you to seek out the next step of your wellness journey.  Stop believing that you don’t deserve to feel your best, that you’ll get around to being healthier…someday, that you won’t be strong enough or committed enough to follow a program or a course that was designed with you in mind.

When you choose to work with me, I provide you with everything I know in an organized step by step approach.  Whether you hire me for an individual program or take one of my courses, you will be receiving current wellness information, accountability, and some much desired support for moving in the right direction.  By the time our work together is done, you’ll feel empowered, motivated and seriously on top of your game.  

I wish I would have had this support while I was dealing with my own autoimmune issue.

In the aftermath of what I had accomplished, knowing how good I felt, I knew I could help others, too.  So I shifted a decade of teaching and master’s degrees to another form of teaching and got certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition out of NYC.  Since the wellness field is so dynamic, I’ve continued taking courses specific to thyroid health while developing a powerful and undeniable sense of whole body healing.  Coaching others through consults, courses and online classes has become my passion.  I’ve given people a second chance at a life they enjoy, a life they wake up being excited about and a life they want to instill in their children.  I beam at the prospect of working with you.

So let’s get started!

Sign up for my newsletter, take a wellness course or grab one of my limited session offerings!  Or if you’d like to just email me and introduce yourself, you can do that, too.  I’d love to meet you!