The Benefits of Infused Water

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Everyone knows they need to be drinking more water.  

In fact, when I ask potential clients what the number one change is that they already know they should make, the answer is usually, "I know I need to drink more water."  This is also sometimes followed up with, "But I don't reallylike water!" Let me introduce you to the concept of infused water.

Infused Water


  • Infused water is a combination of fruits, herbs and water

  • Gentle daily detox

  • Delicious substitute for soda or other sugary drinks, which also helps to cut caloric intake if you're trying to lose weight

  • Drink in the morning before your coffee

  • There is no right or wrong way to infuse water


  • Use a mason jar or a simple water pitcher designed specifically to infuse water.

  • Place fruit mixture and water in container the night before and place in refrigerator overnight.

  • Your water is ready to drink upon waking.

  • This is subjective, but you can choose to use re-use the same mixture of fruits and herbs throughout the day by continually adding more water.


  • Depending on the fruits and herbs used here are some of the health benefits associated with drinking infused water:

    • gently detoxes liver

    • flushes toxins

    • improves skin appearance

    • helps immunity

    • aids digestion

    • fights inflammation

    • can aid in weight loss

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  • Any combination of fruits and herbs can be used, but here are some of my favorite:

    • Citrus fruits (with or without the rind)

    • Berries

    • Cucumber

    • Watermelon

    • Culinary herbs (mint, rosemary, thyme, basil, tarragon)

Try whatever you have on hand and make this a daily practice to reap the full health benefits!  Download your free printable, which includes some of my favorite combinations + specific health benefits for certain foods.  Hang it on your fridge for daily inspiration!