When Your TSH is "Normal", But You Still Have Symptoms

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If you’re reading this, you’ve been told your thyroid looks fine because your TSH fell within the normal lab range, BUT you still feel like garbage. Like something is weighing you down. Like there’s something wrong inside, but you have no idea what or where to start.

There are so many low thyroid symptoms and you could be experiencing any number of them. Mine were fatigue, irritability, brain fog, muscle soreness and lack of motivation…just to name a few. I was also told my thyroid was fine. I was even handed a business card from my doctor to go talk to someone because, “It’s all in your head, sweetie. You’re healthier than you think you are.”

I created this intro video for my membership group, but I’m sharing it here so that you can get some answers…and help.

Thyroid function does not depend on a TSH marker alone and in this video you’ll learn why.

Things to consider when your TSH marker comes back "normal", but you're still having ALLLLL the symptoms.

If you’re looking for answers and want to chat or check out my Thyroid Alive! Program, I’d love to meet you. It’s my passion to spread this much needed message so we can, collectively as a whole, start living the lives we were meant to live.

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