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Reach Optimal Health with the BORN Framework

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Reaching optimal health is not a linear path. Progress forward is oftentimes coupled with setbacks and lessons, especially if there are hidden causes of dis-ease in the body. Unfortunately, optimal health is not common, but it is achievable. More than 80% of Americans have a diagnosed chronic illness and despite the over-prescription of drugs and pill-for-every-ill mentality, we are starting to become one of the sickest nations on the planet.

The system is broke, but thankfully, we have another option. An option that looks at the whole body and instead of trying to identify pathology looks to bring patterns of imbalance and dis-ease to a place of homeostasis within the body. There is an understanding that systems are interconnected and that symptoms arise to communicate that something is off with one or more of these systems.

This option is called Functional Health and I am a Functional Health Coach.

Take thyroid disease for example. Most people are prescribed Synthroid or levothyroxine when their TSH levels go above the normal lab range. But did you know that the TSH marker is actually an indication of pituitary health? It’s giving us information on how well the pituitary gland is communicating, not on how well the thyroid is producing OR converting hormone. For that, you would need a full thyroid panel, which goes way beyond a TSH and Free T4.

Thyroid health is also dependant upon adrenal health, gut health, blood sugar balance, liver health, and the same virus that also causes EBV. All of these things should be addressed and optimized as a FIRST step, not a last resort. If that were the case, many people on thyroid medication may have found that they don’t need it in the first place.

When I ended my training as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and started my training as a Functional Health Coach, I realized that a person in a current state of dis-ease cannot achieve optimal health unless certain steps are taken. This led me to create the Born Framework™ Method, a system I use to evaluate diet, environment, lifestyle behaviors, and lab work to help expose items that need modification. BORN stands for Bio-Track, Optimize, Repair, and Nourish.


Using the concept of bio-individuality, I analyze symptom checklists, health histories, and lab work to create a personal plan that is designed to meet your needs. Having been trained in Blood Chemistry Analysis, I’m able to analyze this data in a way that is different from the traditional medical community. My job is not to diagnose but to bring to light patterns of imbalance and why someone may be feeling sick.  


If we want to feel optimal, we need to refine our approach and habits to get there. Instead of just relying on one modality to save the day (like a pill) we look at the root cause largely molded by the outcome of the previous step (Bio-Tracking). These pillars of focus can be anything from gut health to nutrient assimilation to detoxification and immune system health. Again, the plan is designed with the individual in mind so no two BORN Framework plans will ever look the same. We also talk about practical ways to implement behavioral changes and mindset, intentions, goal setting, and intuition to navigate the “how” as well as the “why” to unlock the secrets of living well. 


Repairing the root cause of a chronic illness is the only way to achieve long-lasting results. For instance, if we see that gut health is a pillar that needs to be optimized, this is the time when steps are added to the plan to repair this issue. This would come in the form of nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations in order to achieve the desired result. Many times this step is communicated to a willing practitioner or naturopathic doctor who is also on the clients’ healthcare team.


This takes on a double meaning. First, the nourishment achieved at a cellular level to fuel and repair the body, but also the sustainable aspect of nourishing the body long-term through sustainable lifestyle changes.

However, the BORN Framework™ Method is not a timeline, but a cycle.

Whether your goal is optimal health, longevity, figuring out symptoms or a chronic illness, self-evaluation and starting the BORN Framework™ cycle again will allow you to focus on preventative health and maintaining a life of amazing quality.

Will you #choosetothrive?

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